Erich Buser
Technology Leadership
Software Engineering
Higher Education
Proudly part of Northwest Ohio


I'm enthusiastic about our local community, and enjoy working with other spirited individuals to build software and get ideas off the ground. These projects are a couple of the fun things I'm currently working on.


Time entry software for local independent consultants. This bootstrap styled software helps with client, invoice and accounting management (receivables, payments, statements, etc.).


Software in use by local vintage furniture and linen sellers. Key features include tracking inventory and sales across categories and retail locations, as well as granular data reporting.

Diegel Pest Solutions

Web and marketing technology for a locally-owned Bowling Green based pest control services company.


Hockey Jersey Collection Site and Marketplace. It's truly ok to love hockey too much.


Achievements, conferences, certifications, affiliations, etc.

preferred technologies

Of the dozens of technologies I use each week, these are the ones I like A LOT.


I'm always looking to network, build software, collaborate on ideas and share my experiences. Feel free to say hello.